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Spectra Vondergeist Dot Dead Gorgeous Box Diary
heath burns
7am – 8am: Update my blog – yes it’s early but my fans demand to be in the know.
8am – 9am: I need a new pen and note pad so I go to my favorite ghost writer supply store and browse until I find what I need.
9am – Noon: Head down to the catacombs to check out the decorations for the party and maybe get a scoop on who’s wearing what tonight. Of course no monster will tell me but that’s all right. I have my ways of finding out.
Noon – 2pm: Make sure my iCoffin is charged up and go to the maul to get extra batteries for my camera; the catacombs tend to drain the life from electronics.
2pm – 3pm: Update my blog again.
3pm – 5pm: Get dressed.
5pm – 6pm: The spirit is willing and the dress is chic.


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